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Ruth Shyu Piano Studio welcomes children and adults who are interested in learning how to play the piano, and are willing to make a genuine investment of time and effort to learn it well.

A trial lesson is recommended as the first step towards admission to the studio.

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Core Study Program

Lessons are offered on an academic year basis, from September to June, with summer lessons offered in July and August.  The Core Study Program includes:

  • 36 weekly private lessons

  • 4 summer lessons (flexible schedule)

  • 3 group performance workshops

  • 1 studio recital

Part-year study or single lessons can be arranged.

Please contact the studio for tuition information.

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Practicing regularly is at the heart of piano study.  It is also the most challenging part of the study.  The teacher will give students plenty of coaching at every lesson on how to practice.  Students can then apply what they have learned in their daily practice sessions at home, and practice in the most effective and satisfying fashion.

Regularity is important.  For example, 30 minutes daily for 6 days a week will yield much better results than 1 hour for only 3 days of the week.  Therefore students should plan to set aside practice time each day in their schedules and follow through in order to get good results.  Young students may need parents' help to set up and adhere to a schedule.

The teacher is happy to provide as much help as possible to the students and parents to ensure good development on this front.

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The student should have access to an acoustic piano for regular practicing.  Electronic keyboards are not recommended.  Even very high quality digital pianos or hybrid pianos with 88 weighted keys and damper pedals in the current market do not offer comparable touch and tone responses.  If you need help in selecting a piano, please don’t hesitate to ask the teacher for help and advice.

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Parental Involvement

Parents of young children (up to approximately age 9) will be asked to sit in the lessons so that they can give their children help and encouragement during the practice sessions at home.  As the child gains knowledge and independence, the parent can gradually visit the lessons less, and eventually not visit at all.

In general, the parent's involvement is the most hands-on in the beginning, but shifts more and more into a monitor and encourager role as the child becomes more and more capable of practicing independently.  However, the parent's ongoing show of interest in and support for the child's study is critical for success.

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Contact the Studio

Start living the joy of music today!

Get in touch to ask any question or to book a no-obligation trial lesson to find out more about learning with Ms. Shyu

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